So-Called Dollars and Medals

So-Called Dollars and Medals

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So-Called Dollars (SCD’s)

Lets start out with a definition of a So-Called dollar or SCD

It is generally a token or medal  that commemorates a public or special event, a famous person, or a famous place. Some examples would include World's Fairs which I favor and other events or historical figures in American history. They usually measure between 33 and 45 mm in diameter and come in various metals.

I collect them for the artistic qualities and the history that they represent. Some can be very inexpensive and others quite rare and expensive. It is a great way to start collecting and have a blast with all the different types available and learn history along the way.

Two of the best reference websites that I have come across is Another great website reference is I strongly recommend visiting this site to learn more before you start purchasing

Below are a few examples of what I have collected over the years.

world columbian exposition
One of my  favorite  is the World’s Columbian Exposition.

I chose to collect SCD’s, Eglits, Medals,Columbian expo half dollar Commemorative coin and even a match safe and an electrotype Isabella Commemorative Quarter  to complete my composition that would represent the Columbian Expo.You can collect SCD’s in any way that you would like............its all up to you!

1892-3HK-157 declaration of independence
1892-3HK-157 Declaration of Independence

1892 WCE E-2241892 WCE E-224
1898 E101 Liberty Head High relief1898 E101 Liberty Head High relief










1893 Match Safe Chicago World Fair
1893 Match Safe Chicago World’s Fair


1898 Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition Omaha NE
1898 Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition Omaha, NE

This one is brass NE HK-283.Official Medal struck in Mint Exhibit from dies made  at Philadelphia Mint.

It is thought that maybe 25,000 of these coins were sold but today they are scarce in all metals.

The obverse has been described as one most beautiful women in the Trans-Mississippi country. And has been said to be one the prettiest obverses on a SCD, which I tend to agree with.


1948 California Gold Discovery Centennial
1948 California Gold Discovery Centennial. Bronze gold plated HK-497

What’s not to like about this SCD.....It has the California State Seal and prospector celebrating the Centennial of  the Gold Rush and California's  and the shape is octagonal similar to the gold $50 "Slugs”

For more information on $50 gold slug sized tokens and medals please It is a great source of information.