So-Called Dollars and Medals


So-Called Dollars, and Medals

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When it comes to collecting medals and they generally come in three sizes. Medals, medallions and medalets. Medal collecting is an area where exacting terminology identifies the items. Knowing that what distinguishes the types of medals from each other is their size is needed to start a knowledgeable collection.

Medals are usually pieces of metal, marked with a design or inscription, made to honor a person, place or event.

Medals are not intended to circulate as money. Medals may not be considered tokens, which have a stated or implied

P2 Worlds Columbian Exposition 1 
P2 Worlds Columbian Exposition 2











One of my  favorite  is the World’s Columbian Exposition. 

I chose to collect SCD’s, Eglits, Medals,Columbian expo half dollar Commemorative coin and even a match safe and an electrotype Isabella Commemorative Quarter  to complete my composition that would represent the Columbian Expo.You can collect SCD’s in any way that you would like............its all up to you!

P2 1892-3HK-157 Declaration of Independence 1
1892-3HK-157 Declaration of Independence

P2 1892-3HK-157 Declaration of Independence 2P2 1892-3HK-157 Declaration of Independence 3