Liberty Seated Dollars

The MnS Joint Venture Seated dollar set

The MnS Joint Venture Seated dollar set is being put together by my father and I. We started collecting in 2002 or 2003 with liberty nickels and within 3 years we had a whole set, and up to 4-5 of some dates with a nearly complete second set. Time to look for a new series.

The seated dollar set was our second set we set out to tackle. It presented a challenge at a reasonable cost in the XF grade range that we started to look at. A few XF's in and a tough decision had to be made. Take the plunge or not. I was able to locate a choice XF 1873-cc in a dealers website and it was an easy decision. The coin was in our possession and quickly followed by an 1871-cc in XF. Some of the keys were down and there was no turning back from here.

XF 1873-cc

The next big step of the collection was the upgrading. Within a year or so our tastes changed from XF to AU-MS. Of course, for the seated dollars there is a BIG difference in price for MS over AU so it was convenient that my dad's company had taken some large chances that were starting to pay off.

The next milestone came in May of 2007. We walked by Tony Terranova's table at the St. Louis CSNS show and saw an AU-58 1852 that was gorgeous (and double the price of any other coin we had ever bought for the set!). We left the show with me dreaming and my dad scheming. Unbeknownst to me, my dad had gathered Tony's number and struck up a deal for the coin when we got back home.

AU-1858 1852

In May of 2008 another milestone was reached. An AU-55 1872-cc was purchased and was the last of the CC's needed. Two months later at the Baltimore show we upgraded our 1871-cc and with that we are pleased with these four coins!

AU-55 1871-ccAU-55 1872-cc

In October of 2008 a complete set was sold by Alpine Numismatics. From the sale we were able to pick up the 1851, 1870, and 1873 in MS-63 and the 1871 in MS-64. Thus completing the key dates (minus the 1870-s).

AN 1851AN 1870

AN 1873AN 1871

Since then, we have upgraded various dates and added a few more and currently are just missing the 1845, 1856, 1863, and 1872. We've seen and passed on many coins for these dates,
patiently waiting for the right coins to come along.

There are another 5-6 coins I'd like to upgrade before I consider the set "complete" and a few more that I would upgrade if the right coin came along. And who knows, at some point that elusive 1870-s might get added.

1840 MS63 PCGS1840 MS63 PCGS1841 MS63 NGC1841 MS63 NGC

1842 AU53 PCGS1842 AU53 PCGS1843 MS63 PCGS1843 MS63 PCGS

1844 AU55 PCGS1844 AU55 PCGS1846 MS63 PCGS1846 MS63 PCGS

1846-O AU53 NGC SM Damon Collection1846-O AU53 NGC SM Damon Collection1847 AU58 PCGS1847 AU58 PCGS

1848 XF45 NGC1848 XF45 NGC1849 MS61 PCGS1849 MS61 PCGS

1850 AU53 PCGS1850 AU53 PCGS1850-O XF45 PCGS1850-O XF45 PCGS

1853 AU58 NGC1853 AU58 NGC1854 AU55 PCGS1854 AU55 PCGS

 1855 XF45 PCGS1855 XF45 PCGS1857 AU55 PCGS1857 AU55 PCGS

1858 PF63 NGC1858 PF63 NGC1859 MS62 PCGS1859 MS62 PCGS

1859 XF45 PCGS1859 XF45 PCGS1859-S XF45 PCGS1859-S XF45 PCGS

1860 AU55 PCGS1860 AU55 PCGS1860-O MS631860-O MS63

 1861 MS63 PCGS1861 MS63 PCGS1862 MS63 NGC1862 MS63 NGC

1864 AU55 PCGS1864 AU55 PCGS1865 AU50 PCGS1865 AU50 PCGS

1866 MS63 PCGS1866 MS63 PCGS1867 MS64 PCGS1867 MS64 PCGS

1868 AU58 PCGS1868 AU58 PCGS1869 AU55 PCGS1869 AU55 PCGS

1870-CC AU55 NGC1870-CC AU55 NGC1872-S AU50 PCGS1872-S AU50 PCGS

1873 MS63 PCGS1873 MS63 PCGS blank